Well thank you Marty for the extraordinary ride.

We’ll thank you Marty for the extraordinary ride. We’re thankful for your perseverance and steadfastness in regards to this loan. Wasn’t easy, but you did it! Congratulations back to you and THANK YOU for your hard work on it.

God bless your day –
Annabelle Vergiels Las Vegas, NV

June 26, 2014

You the man !

Brian Yui, HouseRebate.com

January 13, 2014

I Owe You Big !

You are too cute with your little videos, Marty. I want to thank you so much for your perseverance on helping my loan close and for getting them to take some $ off. I owe you big. Let’s celebrate soon! We’ll be getting settled in a few weeks, I’m sure.
Thanks and a HUGE hug…xo

Wendy Williams
San Diego, CA
July 15, 2013

THANKS ! We really do appreciate the 3.875 lock! Thanks, Marty!

Ron and Sue Doris
San Diego, CA 92101
June 19, 2013

You Earned Our Trust

Thanks, Marty. As I said, you have definitely earned our trust and we will definitely keep you in mind in case things don’t work out with WF for some reason and for any future business we or our friends/family have. I am sure we will stay in touch one way or another.

Mike Stuber
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
March 4, 2013

Thanks again for your perseverance and all your hard work!!

Norm Katz
Del Cerro, CA
November 12, 2012


Great Job!! We certainly are grateful for all of your hard work on what I thought would be a simple re-finance. I was going to email you this morning to see what was up. I can’t imagine someone going through such a long process when trying to purchase their first home or trying to move into a new home. If you ever need someone to be a reference for you, let us know. We do suggest you to anyone we hear needing a loan. Thank You.

Bill and Nancy Sperry
Rancho Bernardo, CA
November 6, 2012

Efficiency !

Marty, thanks for the information. We’re in Guatemala for 2 more weeks so will touch base when we return.
Thank you for your efficiency!

Mel Dinkel
COO.EVP Claremont University, Claremont, CA
July 28, 2012

Thanks for all your amazing efforts !

Jeff Schindler, JMRI INC
Real Estate Investor Del Cerro, CA
July 6, 2012

My Life is About to Change in Really Great Ways!

Just want to say thank you to everyone involved in this process for their patience and perseverance! It has been a real learning process for me and gives me hope that my life is about to change in really great ways! Something I really need after this past year. Thank You!

Auroura Brannock
Catalina Island, CA
September 9, 2010